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Type/NumberSrcMfgIssue YM#Pg#KBBeschreibung und Kurzdaten - Brief Specification
UABC80 Y27 BRI 1961-112666 Triple diode triode for use in AM/FM, AC/DC mains receivers, 0.1A/28V, Triode: 1.45mA/V =70, Diode 1: 1mA, Diode 2/3: 10mA
UBF89 Y27 BRI 1961-112730 Double diode variable-mu R.F. pentode, R.F. or I.F. amplifier, A.M. detection, 0.1A/19V, Pentode: 2.25W 250V 16.5mA 4.5mA/V g2g1=20, Diode 1/2: 200Vpi 0.8mA
UCC85 Y27 BRI 1963-0162205 Double Triode for use as an R.F. amplifier and self-oscillating mixer in F.M. receivers, 0.1A/26V, 2.5W 250V 15mA 6.2mA/V =50
UCH81 Y27 BRI 1962-10103577 Triode heptode frequency changer for use in AM/FM broadcast radio AC/DC mains receivers, 0.1A/19V, Triode: 0.8W 250V 6.5mA 3.2mA/V =19, Heptode: 1.7W 250V 12.5mA 2.3mA/V g2g1=20
UCL82 Y27 BRI 1961-1131038 Triode pentode for use as a sound amplifier and output valve, 0.1A/50V, Triode: 1W 250V 15mA 2.5mA/V =70, Pentode: 7W 250V 50mA 7.5mA/V g2g1=9.5
UCL83 Y27 BRI 1961-112747 Triode and output pentode for use in A.F. applications, 0.1A/38V, Triode: 3.5W 250V 15mA 2.1mA/V =82, Pentode: 5.4W 250V 45mA 5.5mA/V g2g1=10
UF89 Y27 BRI 1961-112703 Variable-mu R.F. pentode, 0.1A/12.6V, 2.25W 250V 16.5mA 3.8mA/V g2g1=21
UL84 Y27 BRI 1961-113945 High slope output pentode for use in AC/DC audio amplifiers and receivers, 0.1A/45V, 12W 250V 100mA 10mA/V
UY85 Y27 BRI 1961-111400 Half-wave rectifier for use in AC/DC receivers, 0.1A/38V, 700Vpi 110mA 100F 250V~
Type/NumberSrcMfgIssue YM#Pg#KBBeschreibung und Kurzdaten - Brief Specification

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